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Join digital learning with us and become one of the elite experts

We leverage +10 years of educational and digital expertise to assist you on your path to professional success. The board is the process through which the certificate holder or professional experience becomes capable of possessing basic knowledge and skills through books and practical training, or through simulation-based tests

together with

Interactive Educational Interface

We integrate our comprehensive expertise to align with individual developmental journeys focused on teaching self-success within communities

Achieve success in exams

The exams are designed based on studies and research that focus on the student’s application of acquired knowledge both theoretically and practically

Get a digital certificate

Upon successfully passing the exams within the training course, you will receive a certificate from the European Board for completing the training course successfully

Guarantee your rights

Learn with scientific and educational ways that secure efficiency and safety to guarantee your rights 100%.

Certified professional diplomas accredited according to the European Qualifications Framework in the following fields

Training courses

تشغيل الفيديو
دبلوم ادارة الازمات ، المفاوضات وحل النزاعات
Play Video about دبلوم ادارة الازمات ، المفاوضات وحل النزاعات
أنماط المدربين في دبلوم تدريب المدربين TOT في هذا المقال، نستعرض أبرز أنماط المدربين ودورهم في تعزيز تجربة التعلم في دبلوم تدريب المدربين TOT. تعرف على الأنماط المختلفة للمدربين: المحفز، الموجه، الخبير، التفاعلي، والمرن، واكتشف كيفية اختيار الأسلوب الأنسب لتحقيق الأهداف التعليمية بنجاح.
تشغيل الفيديو

Be with us

Get European accredited education by completing distance learning courses anytime, anywhere

There are several fully equipped training courses available, and then you can obtain complete educational diplomas to receive a globally accredited and certified certificate from the European Board

Upon completing the training course and successfully passing all exams, you will receive an accredited electronic certificate from the European Board. Additionally,

you can also apply to receive hard copy certificates authenticated by the European Board

When you take the initiative to join any training course from the European Board, you gain the authorization to study accredited diplomas to further your learning and enhance your skills in the same field of the training course

Live Courses

Secure your spot and receive an accredited certificate upon passing the exams on our platform and attending live streaming sessions.

You can also access the content and take the tests anytime, anywhere on our online platform

وصول سريع لجميع أجهزتك التعليمية

بمجرد أن تكون من دارسي برامجنا التعليمية سوف تحصل على نسخة مخصص مطورة من البرنامج التفاعلية للتعلم











E-Learning App

September, 2022


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Start with us as a trainer

?Are you a certified trainer

You can now start working with us as a certified trainer after completed the standards and requirements according to the European Union’s reference framework for vocational training operations and the European Board for Science and Development – Human Restart

Certified Trainer

For qualified individuals or experienced professionals, become a certified trainer with us and join the European Board now

Continuously evolve

Get expert training with us, then secure a seat for yourself and your students or colleagues in the European job market

تشغيل الفيديو
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